Explore The Ocean With Google Earth

 Google Earth Ocean People generally enjoy the innovative way to find the roof of their house, locality, office or college on Google Earth, which is an advanced mapping tool that enables us to explore the world in 3D perspective. With Ocean in Google Earth, now the users can dive under sea to explore the ocean with top notch marine experts, learn many aspects about ocean observations, weather changes, and endangered species as well as find out new places including travel spots, surf spots and shipwrecks. Recently, Google and NOAA has joined together to build a tour that illustrates some of the major evils our oceans are facing now, as well as the core sources of ocean pollution all over the world. With Ocean Google Earth we could find several special places that are dangerous to the ocean’s health. National Geographic ocean explorer, Sylvia Earle, also narrated a highlight tour by providing some of the best images and videos in the ‘Explore the Ocean’ layer in Google Earth.

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