Fujitsu’s Raku-Raku Basic 3 Will Arrive On April 22nd

Raku-Raku Basic 3 handsrt launchFujitsu has recently released its base model phone Raku-Raku Basic 3. The phone has got a cute and tiny form which will be available in Japanese market from April 22nd. In Japanese language Raku-Raku means easy-to-use. The handset will be available on NTT DoCoMo’s carrier waves across the Asian nation.

The main feature of the phone is the unique instruction buttons that connects the users to a dedicated telephone support centre with a single click. Furthermore, the support centre can be accessed for free.

Another attractive attribute that that has been integrated with the device is the voice features. The feature is based on the user’s age range and it enables the phone to accentuate the voice of the receiver making the sound smoother. It has got a 5.1 megapixel smart camera for taking high quality pictures anytime.

The handset includes a notification alert service that keeps updated the user’s family members of the mobile phone’s current usage status.

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