Dell Brings Latest Alienware Laptops For The Gamers

Alienware laptopsDell has introduced its newest Alienware laptops, with a supirior M11X gaming netbook together with the 18-inch M18X and the M14X.

Among these three the most talked about device is the M18X which can be used as a desktop replacement instead of carrying around in daily life – which in fact “lays claim to be the most powerful 18-inch gaming laptop in the world.


The 18-inche wide device will sport a dual-graphics technology along with an Intel Core i7 Extreme CPU.

The gaming enthusiasts will surely going to love this latest range of laptops. All of the laptops comprises of HDMI 1.4 and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports.

These laptops offer unmatched graphics quality and 3D gaming experience. Arthur Lewis, who is the present general manager of Alienware. says

“We are committed to delivering the best gaming systems for enthusiasts everywhere and we take great pride in helping them ‘pwn’, no matter where they are in the world.”


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  1. I ordered my new M14X with every option, solid state drive, biggest video card, most RAM etc and was still nervous. It was pricy and I was committed, but unsure of brand. Not anymore.

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