Google and Spotify To Bring US Streaming Service Jointly

spotifyRecently we are informed that Google is going through a discussion with Spotify regrading the chance of co-launching a music streaming service across the pond.

The connection would come out to fit for both companies, with Spotify frantic to break the US and Google eager to acquire its long-awaited cloud-based tunes portal off the ground.

Spotify is considered as one of the biggest achievement of the tech industry over the last few years with its premium subscription model offering in huge cash and nurturing a market valuation of £1bn.

Google has so far tried to pinpoint a perfect solution for a music service, most onlookers expected to appear some time ago, and has also remained unsuccessful to get to any contracts with the major US labels.

Both the companies could not comment on the speculation, which came up from a CNET source.

Google is well-established in arms race with Apple to catch a cloud-based music service to market earliest.


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