YouTube Founders Acquire Social Bookmarking Website Delicious

youtube, deliciousDelicious which is one of the well known social bookmarking services has been sold to YouTube. This bookmarking website by Yahoo is acquired by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, though the price for the deal is kept secret. Delicious will now appear into a recently launched internet company AVOS. Delicious is a poplar social bookmarking site which is used by millions to share, save, and discover various websites containing useful content around the world. Though the site used be described as the “leading social bookmarking service”, but its popularity declined in recent years which impelled Yahoo! to aggressively look for a buyer since last December. Several of its once loyal users, have been shifted to other websites like Twitter.

The You Tube founders have claimed that they are planning to grow the popular social bookmarking site. In 2006 Chad Hurley and Steve Chen sold their You Tube to Google for $1.65 million.

In so far as the completion of the acquisition is concerned it is taking some time since Delicious systems have to depend on Yahoo’s infrastructure. Nevertheless it is being transferred to a third party machines in order that the sale can be completed as soon as possible.

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  1. donnajohnson says:

    For months rumors have circulated about the future of Delicious, so I have not used it much.Hey new owners! Sounds like it’s time to go back and play!http://bit.ly/kMgjAR

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