Sony PlayStation Network Is Hacked

playstation hackMore than 10 millions of people have become affected by probably one of the biggest data hacks in recent years. Video game players are clueless about the sudden attack which is creating problem to access their online accounts.

But this problem is not merely a problem of video games. People are telling hackers are destroying Sony’s Playstation Network and this is as dangerous as someone entering into your room and looking at all your personal info.

Sony Computer Entertainment this Tuesday sent an email out to their customers notifying them “an illegal and unauthorized intrusion into our network.”

According to Alec Featherstone who is currently working at Game Haven, “It’s not that their easy, it’s that they’re talented. It’s as simple as that.”

These hackers were actually using Sony’s own servers to enter into the system. It is thought that a group of hackers called “Anonymous” is responsible for all these troubles.

Since the Playstation network is down, gamers can’t access things like Hulu or Netflix, and few games like earlier versions of Socom are only online.

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  1. Devis site says:

    I ll never bought any Sony products. It’s a shame.

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