The Unexpected Trouble In 4G Network Creating Lots of Speculations

verizonVerizon Wireless is currently trying to restore its 4G wireless network shortage after a one-day failure shut down the network covering 45 metropolitan areas in the United States. The Wall Street Journal in a report published that a HTC ThunderBolt smartphone user in New York was able to connect to the 4G network, and Verizon said on April 27 that it was ready to act on the difficulty and working to fix it on an area-by-area basis. But some other news sources said that the connectivity in San Francisco has been restored.

This kind of incident is truly embarrassing for a company like Verizon, which is known for its reliable network. The company faced several criticisms that it wasn’t taking enough initiative to inform customers what the dilemma was or when it would be restored. Twitter was Verizon’s major avenue of clarification, and the cryptic tiny messages the company tweeted through the networking site only led to more confusion on the Web as to what the problem actually was.


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