Google Earth Helping Thieves To Locate Kent beehives

google mapThieves across the country who have targeted beehives for stealing are using Google Earth to prepare their blueprints for the raids, according to Kent Bee-keepers’ Association (KBKA).

Till now 40 beehives have been stolen in last few weeks as a miniature crime wave that is hitting the bee-keeping community spreads across the county.

According to KBKA general secretary John Hendrie, the internet has helped the thieves to trace hives.

Since the people need to complete their pollination contracts and require some more colonies. There is a scarcity of bees and this perhaps is perhaps the cause for the thefts.

He said, thieves make out the hives on Google Earth. They should have a rough idea about where they are looking to but they can surely recognize the hives and make them out. It gives the thieves an opportunity.

John Edwards is a bee-keeper from Otford who was also targeted by the thieves. He had five colonies which have been stolen.


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