‘Angry Birds’ Soon To Dominate Chinese Market

angry birdsAngry Birds game is recently making buzz in the China.  Peter Vesterbacka, who is head of Rovio and also the ‘boss’ of Angry Birds, is planning for 100 million Chinese downloads in an endeavor to truly dominate the gaming world.

Veserbacka at the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing, said, the leading franchise has grown “faster than any brand ever before,” as more than 10 million downloads have taken place in last ten days and a tie-in movie that was surely a dream for the marketing department. Now, due to hundreds of millions of Chinese mobile Internet users, there is still a huge market is waiting for further expansion of their offerings.

The Angry Birds brand has already become the third most downloaded brand in China – after only Disney and Hello Kitty. In a statement that shows the intricate nature of global trademarks and intellectual property, Rovio says that they aim to be “the most copied brand in China.” Anyway Veserbacka has confirmed that he would “like to sell authentic products as well.”

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