Nintendo Plans Important 3DS Launches During Third-party Schedules

Nintendo 3DSThird parties over and over again criticize that Nintendo’s own games has stolen the entire attention on Wii and DS, and the platform holder has become determined not to let that take place again on 3DS.

Even, Nintendo boss man Satoru Iwata has announced  Nintendo is postponing release dates due to some of the platform’s prime games (Super Mario, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing) until the company is fully informed about the release plans of third party developers and can schedule around them. 

Iwata in a recent statement proclaims, “The reason why we have not yet set the launch dates is not only because of our development status, but to create an environment in which third-party titles will also sell well, which is the aim we set when we announced Nintendo 3DS,”

He also says, if the company fails to build such an atmosphere, it will not be able to keep up the momentum of the platform constantly.

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One Response to "Nintendo Plans Important 3DS Launches During Third-party Schedules"

  1. MutantMonkey says:

    It is not Nintendo’s fault they make great games whilst most third parties don’t put enough effort in. It seems these companies are all about easy money. Where is the passion?

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