LG Optimus Black May Hit UK stores Next Week

LG Optimus Black in UKThe LG Optimus Black is most probably going to be released in the UK next week. But there is yet no words regarding pricing or vendors or any specific date.

Though a report has been published in a website which claims, LG’s Product Manager has already confirmed the release of the Optimus Black, but the consumers should wait until any official confirmation is made.

According to, Pocket-lint.com, the Android smartphone will arrive at UK stores by the end of next week. It’s a little unusual for such a phone to come up suddenly without any notice by an operator or dealer. Generally we’d see a “coming soon” sign someplace or at least a tweet or something.

Other than this LG Optimus Black is a great deal if you live in the UK, so stay with your fingers crossed.

The LG Optimus Black will be running on Android 2.2, and it will boast a 5 MP auto focus camera, along with great connectivity suite. Furthermore it will have a 4-inch 16M color NOVA screen with the maximum brightness in all mobile-ville.

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    Boy that iPhone has created a lot of wannabes….

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