Samsung Galaxy S2 Receives over 3 Million Pre-orders

Samsung Galaxy S2Samsung made official announcement that more than three million pre-orders for its latest Galaxy S2 has been made by their customers at various mobile stores.

The new Android based Samsung smartphone has received various reviews from all over the web, which perhaps helped it to create tremendous market demand that raised their pre-order sales. Samsung recently confirmed that it had received more than 120,000 orders in South Korea, but besides that demand seems to be equally high in other territories too, with the Galaxy S2 coming to over 120 countries.

The rising demand of the phone has already surpassed all previous estimates. Samsung was expecting pre-order sales of 10 million units for the device – the buzz of an impending stock shortage are foreseeable, mainly due to the previous supply problems of Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology (the superior display technology employed in the screen).

Samsung officials confirmed that: “There are quite a few demands in some countries to ask for preferred orders for the supply of Galaxy S II. We will do our utmost best to ensure that all the global demands should be met as quickly as possible.”

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