Upcoming ‘PaperPhone’- Lighter Than A Credit Card

PaperPhoneIf you are sick of cracking the glass on your smartphone display screen, it is soon to be a history. The future phone will be not only coming with all usability of a Smartphone, but    will be as thin, light and flexible as a piece of paper as a team of computer researchers are continuously working to craft the imagination into reality.

Roel Vertegaal, who is the associate professor of computer science and director of the Human Media Lab at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, next week at a computing will officially disclose the “PaperPhone.”

The PaperPhone has been developed by the researchers at Arizona State University, the model of what the researchers named as “flexible iPhone” is made of extremely thin, ultra-light bendable film, which can be used to make calls, store books and playing music.

The revolutionary phone is almost as thin as a credit card (but it is more flexible than credit cards). The PaperPhone are less than one-sixth the weight of an iPhone 4 and sports a 3.7-inch diagonal screen. Even it is so strong that you can hit it with a hammer, though it requires less electricity to function.

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