BlackBerry Bold Touch 9860 Leaked Pictures With Different Buttons

BlackBerry Bold TouchThe BlackBerry Bold Touch 9860 which is codenamed as Monza has been revealed in some spy shots with a slight facelift –in previous leaked images it was found that there were four physical buttons under the screen in place of the capacitive buttons. The Monza is the GSM version of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9850 or Monaco. The earlier leak that exposed the Bold Touch, demonstrated a Monaco along with capacitive buttons but an additional slide showed us a version with physical ones.

It doesn’t seem to be unusual for a mobile phone manufacturer to develop numerous different versions of a handset and set them through a testing period to select a winning design. This is possibly what we’re spotting here – but still no clue about which one has RIM chosen?

leaked promo for the most anticipated handset BlackBerry Bold Touch 9860 has used the capacitive button version, which seems to be the final choice. Though, nothing is definite.

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