iPhone 4 & iPad 2 May Suffer Stock Shortages

Apple is perhaps on the verge of a shortage of iPhone 4 and iPad 2 stock due to the scarcity of both components and workforce at its manufacturing plant in China.

The endless demand for the latest iPad 2 has already created stock shortages all over the country, but apart from this Apple’s manufacturing partner, Foxconn, is facing further troubles.

The buzz is the supply of gears like power amplifiers and memory from Japan has been hindered badly by the series of natural disasters in the country, although Foxconn is also facing serious troubles filling all production lines with employees.

When asked about this matter, Foxconn denied to comment on it directly, but did highlight that “the company’s capacity is being set fully at their clients’ request and the company will take all necessary measures in order to satisfy its client’s needs.

On the labor shortage issues our reporters asked the executive whether this problem will cause any delay in shipments, then Foxconn repeated that it “has experience arranging manpower to assist its clients in reaching their goals.”

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