Amazon’s Kindle Revenue Raises To $5 Billion In 2011

amazon-kindleRecently news has been published by Caris & Co. that tells, profits generated from selling the Kindle ecosystem will continue to rise further. In The report Caris analyst Sandeep Aggarwal addressing the investors, states, Kindle the “most compelling eBook device” in a rising market. According to him Amazon will reach $5.42 billion in Kindle-generated revenue in 2011, and his prediction is that figure will go up to minimum $7.96 billion in 2012.

He comments that the multibillion-dollar revenues have been stimulated by the ever-expanding Kindle ecosystem. In the month of April the number of titles in the Kindle store raised by 47,000, and as of the current month there are 945,026 titles offered on the platform. That’s an rise of 740,000 ebooks ever since Kindle’s first anniversary in November 2008.

The store is currently offering 600 ebooks improved with embedded video and audio clips, along with 94 magazines, 167 newspapers, and 12,982 blogs. In addition Amazon has offered Kindle software on a number of devices across several platforms, including Android and iOS.


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