Apple iPhone Becomes “Fastest-Selling Portable Gaming System”

iphone gaming appApple’s has succeeded with their iPhone 4 and the App Store to achieve several impressive records this year in the 2011 Gamer’s Edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.
Given analyst has estimated around 1.5 million iPhone 4 units are sold on launch day, and Apple received the title of “Fastest-Selling Portable Gaming System” for its massively popular smartphone, as certified by Guinness World Records.

Compared to this Sony’s PlayStation Portable has been sold only 200,000 units on its opening day in 2005, while the Nintendo DS has been sold 500,000 units during its first week of availability in November 2004.

The launch of the iPhone device has not just transformed the mobile industry, but the video game world as well, according to Gaz Deaves, Guinness World Records Gaming Editor. He also said, “With the never-ending App Store selection and an intuitive device, Apple has created a gigantic new space for itself in the casual games genre that literally brings entertainment to users wherever they may be.”


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