Nokia Becomes The Top Handset Maker For Q1 2011

ABI Research has recently unveiled a report that tells us how the topmost 10 wireless phone makers performed in the first quarter of 2011. This report comprises of any handsets, not just smartphone devices. Anyway, the data is appealing and we can still learn something about the manufacturing companies that make phones to run on the big smartphone platforms.

FierceWireless presents several charts and tables that illustrates where the manufacturers rank. Nokia is still at the top position with 32.7% of the market. Although Symbian is falling out of goodwill, Nokia still showed growth vs. the same quarter last year, after selling 108.5 million handsets against 107.8 million during Q1 2010. We are yet very eager to see how performs in 2011 now that everybody knows that Symbian has been dumped and Windows Phone 7 devices are going to replace them.Samsung and LG takes the second and third positions with 21.3% and 8.1%, respectively while Apple gets the fourth place, taking 4.8% share.

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