Amazon UK Listed Samsung Galaxy S II: Price £509.99

Samsung Galaxy S II or S2 One of the trendiest  smartphones is about to come out this year is none other than  the Samsung Galaxy S II or S2. The upcoming handset is expected to bring lots of impressive features. In past few weeks we have spoken about the handset in more detail including the specs, expected price as well as its release date.

Today we heard news from Gizmocrunch.com that customers will get the new Android smartphone unlocked at the price of £509.99. Some may be thinking that it is slight on the steep side but the features make this phone so special.

Most of our readers are asking when the upcoming Samsung handset would be released since millions of Samsung lovers are keenly waiting for the phone. A source reveals AmazonUK will be coming up with the Samsung Galaxy S II and it has been already listed  at the Galaxy S2 page to be in stock on May 21st so just a matter of few days to wait.

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