Facebook Spam Annoying Its Users Big Time

Facebook SpamFacebook, despite being one of the biggest brands in the World, has failed to squeeze out the spam spreading in its Social Network. These click-jack schemes have gone so viral that its becoming more unstoppable even by Facebook. Some of the latest messages that are spreading on Facebook as Wall Posts are:

1. OMG name you should untag yourself in this vid
2. OMG name why are you in this vid
3. hey name you look so stupid in this vid
4. hey name why are you in this vid
5. hey name i can’t believe youre tagged this vid
6. ROTFL name what are you doing in this vid

It comes at a time, just when most of the spam links like Who Viewed Your Profile and Photos of Dead Osama Bin Laden just came to a stand still. All these links when clicked leads to malicious sites which steals data from your PC. It spreads like wildfire, as you click the link the Facebook’s API allows the app to post on all your friend’s wall.

So how to prevent this spam? Simple, don’t click on links in Facebook however attractive it may be! Hackers are just using the curious mind of our humans to good use in doing their job. Facebook has to do something for its part. It has to either stop allowing access for such API system or needs to find a new mechanism to stop spam.

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  1. rtzad says:

    Its really a SpamBook…

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