Apple’s Text-to-Speech Converter For The iPhone Has Automatic Noise Detection

Text-to-Speech Converter, iphoneApple files a patent application for a software system that will allow converting text to speech and vice versa on the iPhone device, Patently Apple reports.

The proposed solution would be very much useful in noisy surroundings, as well as conditions where the iPhone user cannot speak in loud voice, for example at a conference, classrooms etc. Apple’s system in noisy environment will incorporate noise detection in the handset; while the outside noise is excessively loud, the handset would convert the speech automatically from the other end into text. And if the user is at an important meeting, he or she can easily type in text, which would be automatically converted to speech and sent to the caller on the other end.

Also, in cases where text messaging is required but for some grounds, the system could be turned on both ends, with both users talking through the handset and their speeches being transformed to text and sent to the other party.


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