Sony To Introduce Android Powered Play Station Phones

playstation phonesA large number of Android phones in recent times come equipped with Documents 2 Go, the most trendy office suite on Android, however Sony Ericsson has chosen Office Suite. The software is not much different from Documents 2 Go, but except the fact that Office Suite is a paid app and the phone comes loaded only the trial version of the app. So to enjoy the full benefits of the feature, the users need to spend extra cash for an office suite on this costly device. In fact lower end Android phones like Motorola Defy, Samsung Galaxy Ace as well as the Acer Liquid metal offer free document editors, so the users of the Xperia Arc will be disappointed to shell out the extra cash. For a smartphone that’s arriving at the end of this month should’ve been a dual core device. Certainly most games at present still run well on 1 Ghz phones, but users will be getting this phone for 2 years, and every gaming enthusiasts would catch a gaming machine that’s future proofed to ensure future games well, too.

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