Windows Phone Marketplace Hits 19,000 Apps

Windows Phone MarketplaceIt may perhaps not having the same impact as knowing that the Apple App Store hits 500,000 total apps, but you can’t ignore that the rate of growth is just as remarkable for the Windows Phone Marketplace. Today the Marketplace has crossed the 19,000 app indicator, which has more than doubled the quantity of apps in the Marketplace since March 1st. 

Actually, starting just 5 days ago, the Marketplace hit the 18,000 app goal, and has included more than 1,500 new apps as of today to reach 19,637 total apps. Within last, 24 hours the Marketplace has included 901 new apps, and appears to be confident to hit 20,000 apps before tomorrow. 

Of course, total apps don’t always depict the complete story as any Android user can prove, but the development shows commitment from the developer community. The plan is not to hit a magic round number of apps in the store, but to get an adequate number of apps so there are no wide holes in what users require. And, the Marketplace looks as if to be approaching towards that point.

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