Microsoft Getting $5 From Every HTC Android Handset Sold

microsoftThough it may sound stupid initially, HTC has to pay off $5 to Microsoft for every phone it sells running on Android OS, Citi analyst Walter Pritchard asserts in an in-depth report on Microsoft. Pritchard further adding fuel to the fire says, Redmond has by now initiated legal action to request $7.50 to $12.50 for patents from other manufacturers. The $5 per device fee in the same way is a sign of a patent agreement between Microsoft and HTC.

Pritchard yet didn’t reveal any records regarding the price of the authorization for Microsoft’s own Windows Phone platform, but as a substitute shared expectations about lots more lawsuits coming in Google’s way as “Google appears to have very little IP to defend itself with.” Asymso’s Horace Dediu guesses a $15 royalty payment for Windows Phone handsets in addition to at 2 million units of admitted sales to date, that converts into revenues of some $30 million.


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