Google Maps Launches Street View Starting From Bangalore

Google has announced on thursday that it will start collecting images of Streets in Bangalore for the initial launch of Street View in India. Why Bangalore? Well, the answer given by the Google is that it is the Tech Capital of India and its the best place to start Street View for the country. The mechanism of taking photographs of Streets was explained by Google.

A specially designed three wheel pedicab with a camera mounted on the top will move around the city and take photographs of all streets of Bangalore city. Though this feature is already available in 27 countries, it has begun just now in India.

Google Maps Street View Bangalore

Google has planned to take the Street View to other places in India in the coming months. The country head, Google Products, Vinay Goel, said that mapping India on the whole is a difficult job since two thirds of the streets do not have a name. Obviously we know what he meant.

The Google Street View is made in a such a way to ensure local laws and policies for Security and Privacy.

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  1. reddy says:

    A local company called VidTeq does something better than street view. They actually show videos of all the roads in Bangalore city. I would say, spread the about VidTeq as this is born and brought up here in India. A great innovation coming from India. Check out http://www.vidteq.com.

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