Nvidia Demonstrates Glowball Using Kal-EI Tablet Chip

Nvidia announced way back in February about the Mobile Quad Core CPU and it has now come up with a demonstration of what this project can do in real world. The world leader in Visual Computing, Nvidia, demoed a game called Glowball and revealed what can be achieved using this Kal-EI Tablet chip.

The company which is best known for Graphic Chips, is now one of the emerging leaders in ARM-based processors that are used in Smart phones and Tablets. Nvidia CEO Huang unveiled quad-core chip, code-named Kal-El, running a prototype tablet built by Nvidia to demonstrate its capabilities. Tablets with Kal-El chip will go on sale in September and it is expected to arrive for smart phones later in the year.

Nvidia Quad Core Glowball

This project is aimed at better graphics combined with longer battery life. Smart phone users will want fast performance and they don’t want to compromise graphics for it. This project will surely benefit them big time.

Nvidia will soon put up the Glowball game into the Android Market for its users to try out. We hope that, similar apps comes in soon for iPad, Blackberry etc.

Present below is the video of Glowball Demo using Kal-EI Chips.

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