Apple’s iPad Surpassed 100,000 Applications

Apple appThis week Apple’s iPad hit a big benchmark, surpassing 100,000 applications designed specially for it.

To put that in perception, the platform has been released for 453 days, and developers are getting access to its software development kit in January 2010, when the product was first unveiled.

The iPad became available in stores that April with the guarantee of supporting “almost all” of the 150,000 plus apps on the company’s App Store. After that, developers have ensured a healthy supply of apps that have been designed to the larger screen real estate.

In requisites of rise up to the 100,000 number, developers have been on a comparative slash. Last year around this time there were nearly 11,000 iPad native apps, from around 5,000 almost a month after the product was released. This year in March during the introduction of the iPad 2, Apple declared that it was up to 65,000 applications. And just a few weeks back at WWDC the company claimed it was a little above 90,000.


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