Box.net Offers 50 GB Cloud Storage To HP TouchPad Buyers

The significance of cloud storage industry is rising steadily, as is apparent in the success of Dropbox.

The buyers of HP’s latest tablet, TouchPad will receive 50 GB online storage from Box.net. The deal will be probably announced along with the launch of TouchPad. The TouchPad buyers can download the Box.net app from the App Catalog Store from HP. The pronouncement is proposed to serve as a motivation for the TouchPad buyers who may anyway be looking for a cause why shouldn’t they buy an iPad 2 instead?

Google already offered a complete range of cloud based apps to the users which include the Music beta service. The iCloud from Apple has just been unveiled and not launched yet, but is creating a lot of interest due to 5GB of free online storage offer to the buyers.

The offering from Box.net is obviously a great deal for users, as they get 50 GB of data storage — especially if they are in any case going to buy the TouchPad.


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