Google Plus Intended To Compete Against Facebook’s “Like”

After developing  its ‘+1’ button in replay to Facebook’s much-popular ‘like’ button, Google, the search giant and czar of internet advertisements, has clearly revealed its aim of making search engine a networking platform with Google +. The Mountain View based company has recently revealed the features of its upcoming social networking site on its official blog. 

Google +, as all we can presume, is mainly intended to rival to Facebook, the world’s top social networker with over 600 million users. Google, though gathering up a massive 30 billion every year from its varied Web services, was yet to make a competitive social networking site. 

Google’s earlier attempts with Orkut and Google Buzz failed totally. But the company is now realizing it is the best time to launch a forceful rival to Facebook. Google + may be an outcome of such a dream. In reality, as we are expecting to know more about the development, we can hope Google can bring a real challenge to Facebook.


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