New Wi-Fi technology To increase Smartphone’s Battery Life

A student from Duke University says to have surface with a way to double a smartphone’s battery life by cleverly using Wi-Fi networks more proficiently.

According to Justin Manweiler, the battery life of a smartphone can be radically increased by applying a more professional method of connecting to Wi-Fi networks. When more devices will be connected to a Wi-Fi network, each of them has to use more energy as well as battery power to transmit data and getting the access to the internet. The system invented by Manweiler will identify if there are other Wi-Fi devices in the region and will set the connection to sleep on inactive devices, whereas the active smartphone uses the Wi-Fi network. This is supposed to save battery life on both the smartphone that is inactive, and the one that is equipped with the Wi-Fi network.

Manweiler is claiming that this “napping” system, which he named as SleepWell, has slight effects on performance, since each of these devices has a more efficient connection when applied.


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