WordPress 3.2 Now Available

WordPress has just released WordPress 3.2 which is now available for download for free. This is the fifteenth major release that the company has made and just comes 4 months after the previous release. So what’s new with this release? Focus has been made in making the platform faster and lighter. This means that the end user will have a much better experience.

WordPress 3.2

What you will immediately notice is a change in the dashboard design which is now tighter. There’s also a new theme called Twenty Eleven which takes advantage of HTML5. To ensure that you can write posts without distractions the full screen button lets you activate the zen mode which immediately provides you with a clutter free writing environment.

Other improvements are under the hood such as dropping support for PHP 4 and fully supporting PHP 5. Some coding changes were also made to make the latest release more efficient. Finally, if you are still using IE6 then you’re out of luck since this release has dropped support for that browser version.

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