Microsoft Partners With Baidu In Search Services

Microsoft and Baidu have reached an agreement that will benefit both companies in their bid to increase their market share. The deal will have Microsoft’s Bing appear in Baidu to provide results for English based searches. Baidu has been struggling in keeping up with the more than 10 million English language searches made daily and this recent deal will improve their service.

Baidu Microsoft

Although the terms and conditions of the deal were not revealed what is certain is that the Chinese government will strictly enforce their censorship laws. Despite the censorship Microsoft is optimistic about the deal since it wants to gain access to the more than 470 million Internet users in China.

Google which used to operate in mainland China was forced to relocate to Hong Kong due to the implementation of censorship. When asked to comment regarding the partnership of Microsoft and Baidu the company just said that the search service is not their biggest business in China.

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