Featherweight Samsung Notebook Series 9: Ideal For business Travellers

This week Australian Business Traveller is currently scoping out the best Windows notebooks for regular business travellers. These high-flying laptops provide just the right combination of maximum computing power in addition to long battery life in a thin, light yet robust package.

If you are looking for a laptop that will add minimum weight to your cabin bag, there are some few notebooks more attractive at present than Samsung’s Notebook Series 9 — it without doubt hits above its weight.

The Korean electronics giant may be mostly popular for home theatre, but it has applied its engineering expertise in making TVs ultra-thin to produce one of the most impressive Windows laptops we’ve seen.

Samsung boldly claims that it is the best while considering light weight feature as well as size factor among notebooks that use the very latest “Sandy Bridge” class of Intel Core chips, and we haven’t yet found a laptop to challenge it.

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