Google Set To Retire Picasa And Blogger Name

In what appears to be Google’s plan to revolve its services around Google+, the company is set to retire the Picasa and Blogger name although the service will still remain. Recent reports indicate that the company plans to rename both services, Picasa to be called Google Photos while Blogger to be simply called Google Blogs.

Google Blogger Picasa

Picasa is Google’s online image editor and organizer which was bought by Google from Idealab in 2004. It is currently being integrated into their Google+ social network. Blogger on the other hand is the company’s free blogging service which it bought from Pyra Labs in 2003.

The rebranding is Google’s way of aligning all of its products and making their name more visible. The only service of the company which won’t be affected by the current changes is YouTube which is a popular name already. The company even retired it Google Video service earlier this year to focus more on YouTube.

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