Apple iOS Overtakes BlackBerry As Second Most Popular Smartphone Platform

Although Google’s Android platform still dominates the smartphone market, the race to who can take second place is very interesting. RIM’s BlackBerry OS used to hold the second spot but with the continuing problems faced by the company they have now been overtaken by Apple’s iOS platform.

Apple Overtakes Blackberry

Apple’s iOS now holds 26.6 percent of the smartphone market while the BlackBerry OS has slipped to third place at 24.7 percent. The upcoming release of the iPhone 5 will only boost the market share of Apple further.

The decline of the BlackBerry OS is partly due to the delay in release of new models. There are models that are soon to come however they will be using the BlackBerry 7 OS and not the much awaited QNX platform that most people are excited to use. What’s even more disappointing to owners of older generation BlackBerry devices running on BlackBerry OS 6 is that they can’t upgrade their devices to the latest OS due to hardware limitations.

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