Facebook Video Call Feature Unveiled Using Skype Technology

The world’s leading social network just got better with the introduction of a new video call feature. Facebook has partnered with Skype to bring this feature to its popular website. The partnership is seen to benefit both companies with Facebook now providing a way for its members to see each other which was lacking previously while Skype has easy access to the estimated 750 million members of the network.

Facebook Video Call Using Skype Technology

If you want to test out this new feature you would have to download a browser plug-in from Facebook located at http://www.facebook.com/videocalling. Once you have set it up you can proceed in making a video call. This feature is however limited to a one on one communication and still not capable of making group video calls.

As of now this latest feature is only available for PC users with the latest version browser such as Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari.

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