Google+ For Businesses Is Coming Soon

The recent unveiling of Google’s Google+ service has many people rushing in to sign up for it including businesses and consumers. Businesses however who want to create an identity on Google+ are advised to hold on at least before the end of the year for a separate Google+ service that’s designed specifically for businesses.

Google+ For Businesses

Google’s Product Manager Christian Oestlien in an announcement revealed that their team is working on a separate Google+ aimed at businesses. This would include several useful features such as analytics and AdWords usage.

As of now the company is open to a select group of marketing partners to experiment with the new concept.  The company has also provided a site where businesses can apply if they are interested in joining the testing process which will begin in a few months.

Several popular businesses that already have an account for Google+ such as Ford will soon have to register again to take advantage of Google+ optimized for businesses.

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