Motorola Xoom Offers Free Tablet Accessories To UK Buyers

Motorola Xoom If you have recently bought a Motorola Xoom, then you are a lucky enough to grab the Freebies offer soon.  Just the day following Motorola dropped the price of its Xoom tablet in the US, the mobile maker now announces that it’s giving away a free keyboard plus a mouse to UK customers who bought the slate.

This promotional offer is valid for all Xoom tablets that have been bought on these shores since the beginning of July. To acquire the freebies deal users are required to mail their receipt into Motorola, and after that they will be given out the Xoom-specific accessories.

Motorola officials say this deal will be valid “while stocks last”. The company has made rigorous efforts to sell bulk amounts of its tablet given that the release of the iPad 2 and a arrays of other tablet devices which use Google’s Android Honeycomb.

If you are a UK resident and still haven’t bought yourself this trendy tablet, then Motorola Xoom’s freebie offer will surely motivate you to do so.

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