Sony To Discontinue MiniDisc Walkman This September

After discontinuing the original cassette Walkman line last year, Sony is once again pulling the plug on another Walkman product this time the MiniDisc Walkman. The company plans to halt all production by September since the product is not popular anymore.

Sony To Discontinue MiniDisc Walkman

The MiniDisc Walkman first appeared in the market in 1992, just 13 years after the cassette Walkman became available. It did not really reach the same popularity as the cassette Walkman worldwide however it did really well in Japan.

The appearance of Apple’s iPod and other portable MP3 players really affected the market share of Sony’s Walkman line. As of this year the MiniDisc Walkman was able to sell roughly 22 million units worldwide.

Sony reported that although the MiniDisc Walkman will not be produced they will still be producing the MiniDisc’s. The company also reported that the CD Walkman will still be produced and no plans are being made to discontinue it.

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