Latest Facebook Scam Takes Advantage Of Video Calling Feature

When Mark Zuckerberg announced the latest Facebook feature that allowed you to make video calls to your contacts a lot of people got excited about this. There are also some individuals with bad intentions who have taken advantage of this.

Facebook Scam Takes Advantage Of Video Call

The latest Facebook scam to surface is packaged as an application and needs your permission to have it access your information. Once you have given it permission it will then make posts on your friend’s walls to have them do the same as well. The application isn’t that harmless though since it eventually lets you do surveys which in turn will generate a referral fee to the scammers.

If you see a post on your wall that says “Enable Video Calls” and asks for your permission once you click on it then chances are it isn’t the official Facebook video chat. Just think about it, why would Facebook ask permission to access your personal information when it already has access to it?

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