Apple iPhone 4 Free Apps Brings The Highest Revenue


Apple iPhone 4 Apps

Apple App Store recorded 15 billion downloads recently. This is a huge milestone for Apple. iPhone 4 has some top free apps which has contributed to the highest revenue. Apple has said that free apps are the best ones which bring the most revenue. While this report has created a confusion among the developers, they are planning to either charge upfront for the mobile app or else allow free access and then charge for exclusive app content or premium version.

According to the past results, the paid apps were earning the most. But in the recent results, free apps have a 65% share in earnings while the paid apps have only 35%. This is a huge turn around. The developers are planning big time to expand the app to make premium content available for users who are willing to pay. Despite data fluctuation, the free apps are going to top the charts for most active app downloads. So will you be willing to pay for a iPhone 4 app or you would prefer a free app?

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