OS X 10.7 Lion – FaceTime Now Available At Mac App Store

In OS X 10.7 Lion, the latest FaceTime has been fully integrated. Earlier it was offered only as a downloadable beta for Snow Leopard and now it is available from the Mac App Store.

FaceTime can be described as a videochat client that lets the users make calls to other Macs running FaceTime, in addition to iOS devices with front-facing cameras which are found in iPad 2, iPhone 4 or iPod touch devices. It maintains a list of recent calls, as well as missed calls, just like the iPhone 4 does.

If FaceTime isn’t functional when someone receives calls, the icon in the dock sends him notifications of how many calls he missed.

FaceTime will follow the user everywhere — to any Mac the user log onto, even if the device doesn’t have FaceTime running. Moreover, FaceTime connects to the user’s OS X Lion Address Book. So there’s no requirement to re-enter his contacts.

The version of FaceTime which will be shipping with Mac OS X Lion seems to be stable and effective at present.

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