Hulu Plus Subscription Free For One Month – Grab It Now

Hulu Plus FreeOn the first of July, Hulu tried to allow users to use Facebook Connect to combine their existing Hulu Account. But due to a technical glitch, users were logged into other accounts, there by stopping the service temporarily. However, Hulu confirmed that no user data was leaked during this period. Now Hulu Plus Subscription is available for users free of cost for the next one month. Existing Users can push the bill to next month. Once you connect with Facebook, you automatically agree to share your profile data to Hulu, Receive emails and allow publishing to your Wall.

Just head to Hulu Plus and either sign up if you are new user, or use the Free Subscription and push the bill to next month if you are an existing user. Hulu Plus already has 1 Million Subscribers. With a revenue of $100 Million Dollars per year, this free subscription will add new users to Hulu Plus and keep them engaged for a long time, adding to the revenue.

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