Apple And Samsung’s Patent Fight Takes A new Turn

apple vs samsungApple and Samsung’s rights battle takes a new twist as the Korean electronics maker tried to disqualify Apple’s team of outside lawyers due to disagreement of interest.

Also the unexpected exit of Apple’s chief patent counsel Richard “Chip” Lutton Jr., who was dealing with the company’s IP assets for last 10 years, adds a new turn to the discordant battle among one-time allies. As per a new report Lutton was leaving since he had completed the 10-year term in Apple and was leaving to look for other ways. But, the timing of his departure has certainly raised questions.

Samsung is declaring its anger against Apple’s outer legal partners, the law firm Bridges & Mavrakakis. FOSS Patents informed that Apple’s long-term supplier Samsung is looking for bar the law firm from managing Apple’s lawsuit, because five lawyers from the law firm had previously advised Samsung in a patent lawsuit against Sony-Eriksson and Ericsson.

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