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Spotify is simply the best free Music service available on Earth. Spotify was launched in the US this week and is now made available for Free upon invites. This free service lets you search for the best tracks and play it. So Simple? Well, yes. But of course you cannot download the tracks. Its just streaming. But many found scripts to download YouTube Videos despite it being a stream. Playing the tracks is not limited to once. You can play it multiple times. We have already reported that Google might combine with Spotify for joint streaming.

Spotify Free Music Service Invites

If you are willing to shed in some effort to create playlist of your favorite tracks, you are on the path of experiencing the best music service. Everything is connected with Social Media – If your friends have shared any songs on Spotify Social and have made public in Facebook, you can have a look at those. You can import your iTunes Playlist.

For the initial six months, it will come with occasional advertisements and after that, limitations will start to pour in. According to the reports, you will be limited to listening 10 hours per month and 5 spins of a single track. Of course, the streaming cannot be compared to other paid services which are way better than Spotify. But when you can get something for free, why not take it?

If you are from the US, Go Get An Invite!

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