Internet gets Flooded with iPhone 5 Rumors

iphone 5Rumor was Apple iPhone 5 to be unveiled in September. Though July is half over but there is no sign of the Next iPhone release

People have slowly started becoming furious over contradictory rumors about when It will be publicly declared and released, about revealing, criticizing, and the masses who longed for the next Apple iPhone will be declared soon or not so soon.

Moreover, this week’s “Most Creative Use of Pure Puffery in Advancement of Rumormongery” should definitely go to the TFTS website. The site narrated a “story” about the fact that an iPhone 5, or iPhone5/4S, or a prop or a fake (it used all these vocabulary) was seen in the hands of a fictional CIA spy in the USA Network show “Covert Affairs.”

“Of course we wouldn’t necessarily call a poor TV prop a source, especially one that’s featured in a TV show that has nothing to do with reality,” writes Chris Smith.

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