Google+ Soon To Hit 18 Million users

Google_plusGoogle+ seems to succeed in grabbing as many as 18 million users just in three weeks after its initial launch.

Ancestry.com co-founder and Google+ in their recent statistics “show that Google’s new social network would possibly hit the 18 million mark by the end of yesterday.

After counting the number of Google+ users based on random surnames every day, Allen points to two days last week alone while over two million users have registered in a single day.

In spite of the massive numbers estimated by Allen, Google+ has in fact observed a bit of a slowdown in the past few days subsequent to its initial growth spurt. In his study, the “statistician” discovered that the social network has been able to capture only 763,000 new members on Monday,along with  a growth rate of 4.47 percent and the lowest from the time when Google started sending invites to the site July 6.

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