T-Mobile Offers New Value Plans From July 24

TMobileT-Mobiles will begin to promote its new Value plans starting July 24. The carrier confirms that the customers will be able to save up to $800 per year over similar services which are offered by other companies. T-Mobile latest plans offer single and family line options with a variety of choices for the amount of messages, duration and mobile 4G data.

Existing and also the new customers can avail the Value plans with a new handset. Customer will have to make a down-payment for purchasing the plan, which will be followed by interest-free monthly hardware payments.

Families would be benefitted most from T-Mobile’s new plans. For example, two smartphone users with 2GB of mobile data a month, unlimited messages and voice and $15 per handset payment plan would be able to save around $70 to $80 a month over the same service from other network carrier like Verizon, AT&T or Sprint.

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