Pre-order HTC Status At Amazon For Only One Penny

HTC-StatusTaiwanese tech company HTC has just released another pioneer in smartphone technology. After launching its fastest phone ever, the Thunderbolt, and the first-ever glasses-free 3-D phone, the Evo 3-D 4G, the HTC Status makes another ground breaking entry in smartphone arena. HTC Status is mostly known as the Facebook phone, and this is the first phone that offers integrated, one button access to Facebook posts and status updates.

Just pushing a single button at the bottom of the front of the handset right below the QWERTY keyboard users can enjoy the videos, text, and chat facilities instantly as they will be sent to their Facebook page. This is not just a Facebook phone, the reasonably priced HTC Status also offers a full feature set, and is simply one of the best values in the whole mobile marketplace.

To grab the phone customers will have to pre-order the HTC Status for only one penny at Amazon.

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