Google Plus Reached The Trademark of 20 Million Users

Google+ LandmarkAccording to the ComScore – a Web-traffic watcher, Google+ has crossed the 20 million different visitor’s landmark as site is three weeks old now. This amount looks very impressive, despite the fact that Google+ is not available to all users as it is in an  invite-only testing phase. Out of 20 million users 5 million are from United States.

Andrew Lipsman – vice-president of industry analysis at comScore said that “I’ve never seen anything grow this quickly,”

At this time Google+ is offering four basic features: “Circles”, “Hangouts”, “Huddle”, and “Sparks” which are similar up to some extent in Facebook’s “Chat”, “Groups” and “Pages” features, but the only thing that differentiate both of the social networking services is the privacy. Google+ emphasizes the sharing of the data with whom and how using the simple concept of Circle that lets the users to easily control the privacy of the information they are sharing with the outer world.

This tremendous growth in the Google+ users is the sign of danger for the social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook CEO said that Facebook has more than 750 million users so we are not afraid of Google+ as Google+ lacked business features.

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